Easy Protein-Packed Plant-Based Meals

No matter if you are fully plant based or just trying to get more plants into your diet, there are so many ways to answer the question of, “Where do you get your protein?”

A collage of 4 images of different meals showing how varied and delicious plant based protein can be. Text in the middle of the image reads, "plant based protein meals".
Collage of many images for how varied and delicious plant based protein can be!

The truth is that plants and plant based meals can be totally filled with protein!

Here are some of my favorite plant based protein meals here on Friendly Vegan Kitchen that cover every meal of the day. From breakfast muffins and pancakes to easy to make dinners full of protein, each recipe has simple ingredients, healthy, and perfect for every day cooking and baking!


A peanut butter chocolate shake in a glass on the table with some whipped cream and mini chocolate chips on top. A straw is in the glass and another one next to it. A jar of protein powder is in the background.
Protein: 34g
Time to Make: 10 Minutes
This vegan peanut butter chocolate protein shake is a quick and easy way to start the day off with some extra protein. Gluten free, dairy free, and even nut free options!
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A tall stack of vegan protein pancakes on a white plate that is covered and surrounded by fresh berries.
Protein: 11g per pancake (depending on type of protein powder used)
Total Time: 30 minutes
These delicious, quick, and fluffy vegan protein pancakes are the perfect breakfast! With simple ingredients, they are super easy to make gluten free, too!
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A side view of a big blue plate is filled with a big helping of scrambled tofu. A slice of toast and jam, some avocado slices, and some tomato slices are also on the plate. Fresh fruit and a small cup of coffee are next to the plate. The morning light is coming through the side of the image and onto the plate.
Protein: 12g
Time to Make: 15 minutes
Quick and easy vegan tofu scramble! Made with simple ingredients, this recipe is rich and creamy that’s perfect for breakfast, in burritos, or on avocado toast. Yum!
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Looking down at many vegan blueberry muffins in a silver baking tray on a wood table. More muffins and fresh blueberries surround the tray.
Protein: 6g per muffin (depending on protein powder used)
Time to Make: 45 Minutes
Soft, fluffy, and packed full of protein, these vegan blueberry protein muffins are a great part of breakfast or snack time! Easy to make in one bowl, gluten free optional.
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Side view of many vegan chocolate protein muffins on parchment paper. One has a bite taken out of it to see the insides.
Protein: 6g per muffin (depending on protein powder used)
Time to Make: 45 Minutes
Ultra rich, super chocolatey, and packed full of protein! These Double Chocolate Vegan Protein Muffins are made in one bowl with simple ingredients. Gluten free friendly!
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Main Meals

A single blue bowl is filled with a generous portion of lentil fennel pasta. A gold fork is in the pasta. Fresh basil, tomatoes, and bread sticks are next to the bowl.
Protein: 26g per serving
Time to Make: 30 Minutes
Rich and hearty lentil and fennel pasta in a homemade crushed tomato sauce is pure comfort in a bowl in under 30 minutes! Gluten free and vegan. WFPB friendly!
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A closeup of a blue bowl filled with the vegan goulash with lentils. Slices of hearty bread are next to the bowl and one slice is inside the bowl. Fresh herbs and red pepper flakes are next to the bowl.
Protein: 23g per serving
Time to Make: 50 Minutes
This vegan American style Goulash is made with lentils in one pot for the perfect quick, hearty, and belly-filling meal! Easily made gluten free. WFPB, oil-free recipe.
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An oval casserole dish is filled with baked vegan mostaccioli and covered in melted vegan mozzarella cheese. Fresh basil and garlic are next to the dish with a few sprinkles of vegan cheese.
Protein: 22g per serving
Time to Make: 50 Minutes
This classic vegan baked mostaccioli recipe is a great meal prep or weeknight dinner! It packs in so much flavor and veggies for a one-bowl meal that is so satisfying. Easy to make gluten free.
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Two chickpea sandwiches stacked on top of each other, filled with the chickpeas, lettuce, and red onion slices.
Protein: 17g per sandwich (depending on bread)
Time to Make: 15 Minutes
Quick and easy vegan mock tuna salad (aka the chickpea of the sea!) is a yummy main for a sandwich or salad!
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A big blue bowl filled with half white rice and half vegan chickpea curry is on the table surrounded by samosas and naan bread.
Protein: 15g per serving
Time to Make: 20 Minutes
Quick and easy 20 Minute Vegan Chickpea Curry is here to help with weeknight dinner! Bold, flavorful, and naturally gluten free. WFPB friendly.
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Looking down at a big dark bowl filled with spaghetti noodles and topped with a big spoonful of lentil bolognese. Fresh parsley, tomatoes, and garlic are surrounding the bowl.
Protein: 15g per serving
Time to Make: 35 Minutes
Easy to make plant based bolognese sauce that uses lentils for a flavorful and hearty meal ready in about 30 minutes. Weeknight friendly!
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A single bowl filled with lemon lentil salad on a wood table next to fresh bread, tomatoes, and a vase of flowers.
Protein: 13g per serving
Time to Make: 15 Minutes
Fresh veggies and lentils in a bright lemon Dijon dressing for a super easy salad that is packed full of protein for a great lunch or dinner! Gluten free + WFPB recipe.
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A bbq lentil burger on a slate serving tray is topped with coleslaw and a toasted bun. Tiny tomatoes, red onion slices, and pickled peppers are next to the burger.
Protein: 13g per serving (or more depending on bun)
Time to Make: 30 Minutes
These homemade BBQ Lentil Burgers are full of flavor with a sweet and tangy sauce that’s ready in under 30 minutes.
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Two stacked tofu egg salad sandwiches stacked on top of each other with pickles.
Protein: 13g per serving (or more depending on bread used)
Time to Make: 15 Minutes
Quick and easy vegan egg salad with tofu is a delicious filling for a sandwich or salad!
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Vegan Sources of Protein

Probably one of the biggest myths surrounding being plant based is that you won’t be able to get a healthy amount of protein in your diet. Honestly, true protein deficiency is really rare. But protein is one of the big three macros we want to eat everyday, so being aware of protein is still important.

Personally, I prefer to to eat my calories and not drink them, so while a protein shake does make an appearance, most of my protein comes from whole food sources. Thankfully, there are TONS of plant based options for protein sources!

Here are some ideas of how much protein can be provided by plants, as per Medical News Today.

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