15 Delicious Nut-Free Vegan Recipes

Try these sweet and savory nut-free vegan recipes from breakfast to dinner and even dessert! Easy, healthy, and family friendly.

A collage of 4 images of recipes that are vegan and made without nuts including a chocolate pie, mac and cheese, and sour cream. A graphic on the image reads, "nut free vegan recipes".

Want to follow a vegan diet but are avoiding nuts like cashews, coconut, peanuts, or almonds? You totally can survive and thrive on this diet! It makes your ease of convenience foods more restrictive, but this is by no means impossible.

I know because I grew up allergic to peanuts and tree nuts while being vegetarian and vegan for over 14 years now.

This roundup of nut-free vegan recipes are filled with tons of variety, flavor, and spices from some of my favorite recipes here on the blog.

Honestly, almost all of the recipes here on the Friendly Vegan Kitchen are nut-free, but this is a collection of my most favorite.

For more info on becoming vegan, make sure your check out my nut free vegan guide, 24 vegan pantry staples, and plant based protein roundup!

Slices of vegan no bake granola bars on a wire rack with bowls of oats and sunflower seed butter next to them.
These easy to make no-bake vegan granola bars are the perfect snack! They are the perfect homemade granola bar – soft, chewy, and filled with chocolate chips! Nut free and gluten free optional.
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A tall stack of vegan protein pancakes on a white plate that is covered and surrounded by fresh berries.
These delicious, quick, and fluffy vegan protein pancakes are the perfect breakfast! With simple ingredients, they are super easy to make gluten free, too!
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The finished vegan quiche in a silver pie plate on a wood tabletop. Fresh tomatoes and a salad are next to the quiche.
The best vegan quiche there is! Made with tofu, packed full of flavor from herbs and spices, and loaded with customizable veggies. Perfect breakfast & brunch. 
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A side view of a big blue plate is filled with a big helping of scrambled tofu. A slice of toast and jam, some avocado slices, and some tomato slices are also on the plate. Fresh fruit and a small cup of coffee are next to the plate. The morning light is coming through the side of the image and onto the plate.
Quick and easy vegan tofu scramble! Made with simple ingredients, this recipe is rich and creamy that’s perfect for breakfast, in burritos, or on avocado toast. Yum!
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Side view of many vegan chocolate protein muffins on parchment paper. One has a bite taken out of it to see the insides.
Ultra rich, super chocolatey, and packed full of protein! These Double Chocolate Vegan Protein Muffins are made in one bowl with simple ingredients. Gluten free friendly!
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A dark blue plate is covered with a big scoop of dairy free mac and cheese. A gold fork and sprig of parsley is on the plate. It's resting on a placemat on a wood table. More herbs and crumbs are next to the plate.
The ultimate baked dairy free mac and cheese recipe that you won’t be able to resist. It’s super simple to make with grocery store ingredients.
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A glass bowl filled with vegan sour cream with a sprig of dill on top on a dark countertop on a dark towel.
This easy to make plant based sour cream is made with tofu – no cashews or nuts! It is so smooth, creamy, rich, and a great homemade vegan sour cream to use in recipes or on top of tacos! 
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A single blue bowl is filled with a generous portion of lentil fennel pasta. A gold fork is in the pasta. Fresh basil, tomatoes, and bread sticks are next to the bowl.
Rich and hearty lentil and fennel pasta in a homemade crushed tomato sauce is pure comfort in a bowl in under 30 minutes! Gluten free and vegan. WFPB friendly!
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Six slices of the fully baked and breaded crispy tofu on a white plate that is on a dark green napkin on a wood table. A gold fork is next to the plate.
Crispy breaded tofu recipe is quick, easy, and flavorful! Easy enough to make on a weeknight & delicious enough for special occasions. 
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A big bowl of vegan roasted tomato soup is on the countertop with a grilled cheese next to it. Small tomatoes are next to the bowl.
A rich and creamy vegan roasted tomato basil soup with extra veggies is the perfect cozy meal that is so easy to make from scratch!
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A slice of vegan French silk pie on a white plate with a gold fork. The pie, a vase of flower, and a coffee cup are blurred in the background.
Vegan French Silk Pie is a super silky with a creamy chocolate filling that is no bake, topped with fresh dairy free cream, and lots of chocolate curls on top!
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Side view of 3 small glass jars filled with vegan vanilla pudding. Tiny gold spoons are in each of the jars.
This vegan vanilla pudding is a simple recipe that’s quick to make with only 5 ingredients. The perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth.
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A closeup of a single vegan carrot cake cupcake on a small platform. You can see the big swirl of white frosting and chopped pumpkin seeds as sprinkles. More cupcakes are blurred in the background.
The best vegan carrot cake cupcakes with frosting is an amazingly tasty cake to make with simple ingredients. No dairy, eggs, or nuts! 
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Vegan apple crisp in a baking dish on a wood table surrounded by apples, cinnamon, and oats.
Fall in love with this easy to make vegan Apple Crisp! Crunchy cinnamon and oat crisp topping with a spiced apple filling is the perfect cold weather dessert.
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A glass jelly jar is filled with vegan chocolate sauce and is on a wood table. Fresh berries surround the jar. A gold spoon has been dipped in the chocolate and is dripping down the sides. Fresh flowers are blurred in the background.
Rich, brownie-like flavor that is downright decadent! You’ll love this easy to make chocolate sauce that is totally vegan. Only 5 simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes.
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